Such a different water world

Tropical fish threaten kelp and algae
As warns an international team of scientists, herbivorous species of tropical fish, raise serious decline in area, on which kelp grows in subtropical and temperate areas of the ocean in…

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Make a saltwater aquarium at home
And here is Sampo - technical aquarium filter that is installed in the cupboard under the main tank Built in water purification system, best water purification is reverse osmosis system,…

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Technological classification of fish and fish products: live fish, chilled, frozen, salted, marinated, dried, smoked canned fish and preserves, fish semi-finished products and culinary products, eggs; non-fish products sea food.

Live fish is divided into pond and lake-river. A pond fish are bred and grown in fish farms. Main species: carp (common carp of various species), carp, Bester, trout, Oster, som, of Buffalo. Lake-river fish (carp, catfish, crucian carp, pike, sturgeon, etc.) ply in natural waters and reservoirs.

Indicators of quality of live fish: the fish; the appearance and condition of the outer cover; colour of the gills; the eyes; the smell.

Quality the fish should show signs of life: the normal movement of the Gill covers, swim back up.

The surface of the fish should be clean, natural color, inherent in this kind of fish with a thin layer of mucus. In scaly fishes, the scales shiny, tight to the body. Continue reading

Boat trips and diving

Ship “Adilet” vmestimost up to 60 people: there is the salon of the closed type with panoramic Windows, a bar. Rents 1 hours 12000 kgs.

A speedboat with a capacity of 7 people, rent 1 hour walk — 12,000 kgs..

Ships “Almeria”, “Helena”, “Cruise”, “Horizon”, “Karakol” for up to 24 people: on the ship there are 2 cabins, 8 beds — rental cost of 1 hour of walking — 6000 kgs.

Sailing yacht “Maria” for up to 8 people: there’s a saloon,table, rental value of 1.20 hours -2500 kgs boat trips to Issyk-Kul.

Boat “Vita” with a capacity of 10 people — rental rate 1 hour walk — 5000 kgs.

If boarding clients, for trips is done at the biological Station or “YACHT CLUB”, then go to the destination to be paid additionally (price negotiable) boat trips to Issyk-Kul. Continue reading

The stomach contents of sharks.

10 most unusual finds in the stomachs of sharks was revealed by The Times newspaper, digging in his own archives.

1. In 1821 the newspaper told about a sailor who tried unsuccessfully to catch fish on metal dollars instead of bait. “Four days later at a distance of 300 miles his companions caught a shark and a Dolphin, in the stomachs of which were found three hooks with dollars”, – reports the edition.

2. One sheep, head and legs of lamb, crab “horse’s foot” and some mysterious “sea owl” – here’s an inventory of the stomach contents of sharks caught in 1823.

3. In the same year, in the shark stomach found sectiontwo Cannonball. As the author suggested, the core attached to the deceased to bury him in the sea, and the shark ate the dead together with the cargo.

4. A bundle of documents from the American brig Nancy, who posed as a neutral vessel, – that the British sailors found inside sharks during the American revolution, the newspaper reports. It is curious that the shark opened on the orders of the captain to re-use bait – a piece of pork. Continue reading


Software maintenance: to clarify children’s ideas about the difference of living fishes from the toy, about the peculiarities of the structure and behavior of goldfish, their contrast to carp; to tell you that goldfish are bred by man for decorative purposes (they have a beautiful body shape, fins, coloration, slow flowing movements, people admire their beauty; the ancestors of the goldfish carp are wild fish that live in ponds, lakes, carp are well adapted to living in natural conditions: they have an elongated body, short fins, camouflage coloring, they can quickly swim hide in shelters; goldfish lost it and can’t live in natural bodies of water).

Material: pictures of various types of goldfish and carp, wind-up toy fish, a basin of water.

Classes are held near the aquarium.

The lesson

The teacher gives the children the pictures, asked to tell about the fish that they depict (as referred to, their features, what is the difference between goldfish from carp). Continue reading

The amazing inhabitants of the sea depths

In the depths of the seas and oceans in a completely different world: special flora and fauna, represented by many species, not revealed to the humanity even half of its secrets. Each year, thanks to developing technology, scientists are able to explore new areas and discover unique species of deep-sea animals.

Living in unexplored waters creatures very often affect their appearance is not always pretty, but always interesting and mysterious. Dive into the weird and wonderful underwater world with its extravagant inhabitants.

1. Sunfish (Mola-mola)

Sunfish (sunfish, fish-head) is the world’s largest bony fish. Flattened sides and slightly elongated body shape in combination with the impressive size makes a strong impression, besides, many individuals of this species reach three meters, if you count the distance between the fins. This huge fish is found in all the oceans that are located in tropical and temperate climates. The giant feeds on zooplankton and, likely, small fish and algae. Continue reading

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